What is Pop Art? Original artists and their Contributions

Over the past fifty years, Pop Art has undergone spectacular changes in themes, styles and content. As an art form that is based on mass media and consumerism, it necessarily evolved alongside a modern world. During the golden age of Pop Art, a handful of artists of Pop Art explores bold new ways of expression. Each of these artists have contributed to influence unique to this varied art form which would change to always type art history. The original pioneers among Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and Tom Wesselmann.

Roy Lichtenstein taught as a professor at the State University of New York at Oswego, continue the art. Is only the beginning of the 1960s that Lichtenstein began his career as an artist of the Ant. His early paintings earned him the attention that they have used the cartoons and images from commercial production. His style has evolved as its recent works thick outlines, bright colours and the Ben-day points. His most famous works include the drowning Girl (1963), which is currently exposed to the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Despite the passion of his life, Tom Wesselmann turned his attention to art after two years in the army registration and a diploma in psychology. Although most commonly known for his collages, his first goal was on the classical representation nudes, still life and landscapes. He has received national acclaim after its Great American Nude series, which used flat shapes and intense colors.

Andy Warhol is probably the best known of the original Pop Art. He began as advertising Designer, creating illustrations and advertisements during the 1950s. His artistic career began in 1962 with a solo exhibition in California that has attracted national attention. He was renowned for using the repetition of the icons of Hollywood and common household items in its work. In 2009, the piece of eight Elvises, an acrylic on canvas with eight images which overlap Elvis, sold for $ 100 million. The price of this unique piece that places in the company of artists revered as Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh.

In the 1960s, these three classical Pop Art artists helped to create a movement that is more accessible to the public art. They used styles, themes and content that are familiar to the average American and contained a readable message. More recently, contemporary artist Romero Britto, Carlos a. Navarro and Tim Rogerson have resorted to the use of dynamic media and colors to create the Neo-Pop art movement This new generation has started to blur the line between art and design detail.

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What qualities to look for webs you purchase for your artwork

The first paintings are made of hemp, but now cotton and flax are the most commonly used. A specific painting canvas can consist of materials such as linen or cotton and sometimes synthetic material is also used, but does not support among professional artists. The weight of the fabric is used to designate the thickness of the thread and the tension of weaving it contains. Primarily, the different types of paintings of type different textures and weigh differently. Small paintings or cheaper versions are generally aimed at small craft projects. Flax is very popular among the artists of a professional standard given that threads are very thin and woven tight, creating a surface to paint perfect for many.

Canvas has long been a favourite for artists to express themselves on surface. Designed in the 13th century, canvas was a great substitute for wood panels typically used when painting with a medium such as oils, before media such as acrylic paint existed. The fabric is highly respected for his endurance and its long-term nature. Properly implemented once in condition, the fabric itself can support a surface painted for many years without too much wear and tear. Paintings recall have a record of standing the test of time.

Alternatively extending your own canvas can enrich the creative experience of paint your own masterpiece. Canvas supplies are readily available and can be situated in more and online art supply stores. To stretch the canvas, you will need to purchase the canvas on a roll first. Stretchers are also crucial because they are the elements that compose the frame to your canvas. Usually a pistol is also useful to set the canvas to the frame. A great advantage to create your own surface is the control that you have on each element, so you can choose the quality of canvas, of size that you want to work with and the voltage, you will need for your artwork.

If you are a student of art, or are simply from there is with less expensive alternatives to professional artist canvas available still maintain high quality. If you are simply to experiment and play with the media and the different methods, it is a great way to build a relationship with the Web before buying more professional types. Of course, you can move to more expensive options when you have mastered your technique. There are many paintings of renowned art suppliers therefore for an art project or a final piece, you can always source art supplies you will need to complete.

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What is acrylic paint and how can it better in my artistic Style?

Oil painting and watercolors were used as a means of art for centuries, while the acrylic painting invented in the 20th century is a fairly new medium. It is only available on a commercial basis in the 1950s after a gentleman named Otto Rohm; in fact, invented doctor acrylic resin. This acrylic resin quickly developed in the form of painting we know today. The painting itself was soon adapted into water-soluble allowing artists to explore different techniques in the workplace, as painting can be thinned with water. Once dry although it is not possible to rehydrate the loads applied. Water soluble nature means acrylic brushes can be washed with water before the paint has time to dry. This helps to keep costs low, as no cleaning of fluids, such as turpentine, are to be used.

Acrylic can also be diluted as or as little as favorite, is perfect with low cost of materials, as dilution means you use less paint for a budding artist. If dilute you the paint a considerable sum, it can be used much like Watercolour Painting, once again it is great for a beginner exploring the versatility of the mediums of art. It is also worth noting that acrylic paint dries very quickly indeed, normally in about 20 minutes or more, has held the environment. Therefore medium itself is not for everyone, especially those who love to take considerable amounts of time on their work. On the other hand, drying time is favourable during the construction of the layers of paint and is also great if you like to work quickly. Another important factor to keep in mind when he actually using acrylic paint, it is that it darken after drying it is therefore important to consider this when mixing of colours.

In General, most of the surfaces will suffice when it comes to the use of acrylic paint. Although it comply well with surfaces with a hint of texture and to obtain best results of artists generally prefer to stick to this method. Fiberboard, canvas and textured paper are considered good options and there are many variations available for amateur painters and professional. Obviously another element to consider is the brush that you will use to create your work of art. Brushes are available for acrylic painting and it is generally advisable to choose these options when you are working with the media. Acrylic brushes are generally strongest compared to say that the watercolor brushes, and they tend to be composed of synthetic fibers instead of horse hair. It is recommended to have a general brush and brush of details when you initially plunge into the world of the acrylic paint that this will give the best results.

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Vincent Van Gogh - how little we really know

We know all of his wonderful paintings, but how much we know about the man himself? It's fascinating how little we really know, and since he died in 1890 some things will always be the object of speculation.

The first point of interest is that it is not known with certainty if Vincent was a right or left hand artist. In all the correspondence between him and his closest friend Gauguin this is never mentioned. Primary school of Dutch researchers confirmed that he was handed over to the right. It is strange because in one of his most famous self portraits it is clearly demonstrated with the palette with his left hand, but if we accept, he painted the portrait with the help of a mirror and then it would have been holding the palette with his right hand, so he would have held the brushes and paint with his left hand.

Many people, however, say that as an artist, that it could easily have reverse the hand holding the palette to give a clear idea of what hand, he has used to paint as an artist myself I would always be myself as delivered left because that is what I am actually. A point more complexity. Although there were many left handed artists, Michaelangelo and Leonardo to name but two. At the time of the life of Van Gogh, left chirality was associated with the devil. Being left handed over has been strongly discouraged. Is French for "scrum" left and awkward French is "maladriot" or literally wrong in law. Paint with hand left is something to be practised as discreetly as possible.

The second point of discussion is his famous, partially severed ear. The standard of the line of thought is that it cuts off part of his ear and he then presented to a prostitute, he fell in love. A more modern theory, explains that, actually, Gauguin cut off the coast of the ear of Van Gogh to an argument that had to at the outset. It is possible that they shared a love for the same woman. He is known, however, that Gauguin was an expert with a sword and was a burly man who was not afraid of her exercise. It is also recorded that the brother of Van Gogh, Theo, wrote: "it is as well as Gauguin was not armed with a more modern weapon." Was Theo referring to this argument and just be grateful that Vincent had escaped from his life. The pair in decided to conceal the truth. Gauguin continued to write to Van Gogh in passionate, rights terms until his unfortunate death. If they then submitted this is never mentioned in letters of Gauguin.

Yet again, this remains probably an unsolved mystery. Strange how that we know so paintings and yet little is known about the man.

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Use Art materials to create a masterpiece for your home

The choice of a painting which combinations of your home can be difficult then why not step create your own with art supplies.

Before you start your painting, you first need to find inspiration from somewhere and the secret of success is working on what kind of art will fit more with your interior design.

There are so many places to acquire the motivation to produce paintings such as art exhibitions, fairs and galleries where you can assess if what you see will adapt the rooms of your property.

It may be difficult to create a piece for a specific domain, so you must understand if you just produce a painting to adapt to the room or the length of the taking of the fit to the art room.

Meadows are very important for the painting because art placing in the wrong environment will often remove its aesthetic beauty and expected impact overall.

If you find that you have created art which clashes with the Interior of your home, try to put on the walls of different or hang in various locations because it could not all fit a particular room.

Sometimes, a painting is not just a House and in these circumstances, it may be wise to try to adapt to a room to accommodate the art that you have chosen to create if you really want to have the room in your House.

A great way to make art more accessible is by putting on a neutral background, so if you have substantive reasons to screen you can then paint white walls that this will improve the impact of the painting instead of drowning.

When you think of all the galleries that you have visited, the only thing they will likely have in common is that they will each have white walls so its best to follow their example, if your seriously showing off the coast of your tables.

If you experience problems placing your art, then you need to modify the lighting in a home as watercolour, pencil and pastel may fade when exposed to direct light from the Sun or ultraviolet light.

The best way to know where the art is part of your home is by experimenting, so do you do step fear to move furniture and accessories around in his quest to find the place of the ultimate exposure in your property.

Ensure that you use the best art supplies to create your art as these materials will have the greatest result on the success of a painting.

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Watercolour Technique, explained step by step of glazing.

Glazing with Watercolour is unique to this medium. Once you practice this technique and at ease with him more, you will enjoy using glazes to your tables. The Watercolour transparency is the key factor, since the first colour will be seen through the top placed color. The brightness that results is what makes a watercolour seem to glow. It is important to know which of your paintings are transparent and opaque. Stay away from opaque when pigments glass! Three transparent colors I use are blue Cobalt, real garance pink and yellow of the Aureolin. There are many others, but they are some of my favorites and proven. Do not use stain color glazing, because they cannot be completely removed, should you need to make changes along the way.

To experiment with the glazing, first uniformly slow the back of your watercolor paper and tape or excerpt from a piece of masonite Board. This will prevent your paper from buckling or curling. Council of the Commission at an angle of 15%. Using a clear pigments (as real garance Rose), mix a "wash" your paint and clear water. Mix twice that you think that you need so you don't miss it at halfway through the process!

Load an inch two flat bush with your washing. Starting in the upper corner of your document and paint directly on the whole of the skylight. This leaves a horizontal "Pearl" of painting at the bottom of the box, you have just covered. Just retrieve this Pearl that you repeat the process of painting on one side to another. Do not go back and forth in a previously painted area. This will ruin your frosting. When you have finished your genuine Rose Madder article, "pick up" the Pearl of colour at the bottom with thirsty paper towel. Now that this dry completely.

Then, repeat this process Cobalt Blue, remembering mix twice the amount of washing, you will need. Starting at the top of your paper paint the varnish on the real garance Rose. When you have finished, collect the cord at the bottom of the document again, and let that dry. For this exercise only use us two colors, but if you want to practice with three or more, sure yellow Aureolin is used first, because it does not work well in darker colors.

Once dry, you can see brightness authentic ufoot Rose by Cobalt Blue. No other way but Watercolour offers so magnificent, luminous.

Sue Doucette author / artist.


I paint watercolors for twenty-five years and I am pleased to share with you what I learned. Many artists want to keep their secret "tricks of the trade", fearing that and you will be better to paint them. My hope is that you will love the watercolor painting as much as I do! Visit my website http://www.CapeCodWatercolor.com / and check my monthly Hints for painters. Do not hesitate to contact me with your questions, you may have.

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Works by Van Gogh

Works of Van Gogh are fully covered in this article that attempts to bring you the contributions the most important of a Dutch painter who has become popular everywhere in the world. Vincent Van Gogh, he produced hundreds of thousands of works at an incredibly prolific pace, as he has managed to avert problems of mental illness through artistic obsession which allowed driving incredible achievements that succeeds.

Vincent Van Gogh created works in many different kinds such as landscapes, portraits, self-portraits and still life. Several of his works of natures were flowers, such as his sunflowers series which is considered a part of his most beautiful paintings of all. The artist has consistently captured nature in his paintings, of still lifes of poppies and daisies full scale of landscape scenes based in France where he covered commonly Cypress and Iris among many others.

The famous works of Van Gogh appeared towards the end of the 19th century when he had finally discovered its technical and preferred method for which he was later be best remembered. The painter is postimpressionism, after the achievements of such as Claude Monet had been well established and it is a legacy still very hard.

After having been very underestimated during his own life, the works of this artist have become among the most reproduced of all the paintings of the past 500 years, with regular art print, posters and reproductions of canvas stretched being made of the works of Van Gogh, with the most frequent Iris of sunflower, starry night, including of Branches Almond Blossom, Self-portrait, Church at Auvers and much more.

This artist is one of the many through the past few centuries whose works have not really understood in their own lives, but have been academically accepted a few years later, the general public art suite also costume.

We can conclude that the works of Van Gogh are among the most important and popular to come from any artist since the middle ages, and it is not surprising that both of his paintings has become well known because of the high level of quality which he always reached in his last years as a painter. It is well to take the time to get very far in the works of Vincent Van Gogh because he has created a large number of charming paintings that go beyond just the well known paintings that most people are aware of.

You can find that Van Gogh works in Vangoghworks.org.

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Why buy contemporary art?

Some people are afraid of contemporary art. They look at a painting, sculpture or installation, and they do not know what that means. Sometimes, they don't know even what he is talking about. Given that the unknown is frightening, they become afraid of contemporary art itself.

However, there are many reasons to buy art to enhance your home or Office and very little reason to be frightened by it. Once you understand the movement of contemporary art, you can avoid fear and instead take advantage of this means of expression.

Find a piece that your is the space in your home or Office

When you choose to purchase art, you will have the opportunity to find the room that best suits your space and your way of life before making your purchase. Contemporary art comes in all colors, shapes and is made of all kinds of materials. Whether you are looking for a painting, a sculpture, a collage, or something else, you will find a contemporary artist which is what you need.

In addition, contemporary art deals with all kinds of subjects. Sometimes, you'll looking for a job to know whereof he speaks. However, it is often quite obvious that the artist meant everything. If you find a piece that said something that you agree with, then you can buy a piece not only is your decor but your ideals as well.

For local artists

Purchase of contemporary art is a great way to learn and and learn about local, Australian artist. Many people who are of contemporary art may even live in your town or city, but you cannot hear their subject unless you are going to search for new art for your walls.

Once you start your search, however, you can find yourself in a community of artists who want to talk about their work. Most artists are happy to talk to clients and will explain everything you need to know about their work, their processes and much more. You might even find one of these people to become a friend.

If you are looking for a piece full of your space, suitable for your personality, and just an artist, you can learn about, look no further than Australian art. Find a gallery near you, or view one online. Be picky and don't buy any contemporary art until you find exactly what you are looking for.

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