Watercolour Technique, explained step by step of glazing.

Glazing with Watercolour is unique to this medium. Once you practice this technique and at ease with him more, you will enjoy using glazes to your tables. The Watercolour transparency is the key factor, since the first colour will be seen through the top placed color. The brightness that results is what makes a watercolour seem to glow. It is important to know which of your paintings are transparent and opaque. Stay away from opaque when pigments glass! Three transparent colors I use are blue Cobalt, real garance pink and yellow of the Aureolin. There are many others, but they are some of my favorites and proven. Do not use stain color glazing, because they cannot be completely removed, should you need to make changes along the way.

To experiment with the glazing, first uniformly slow the back of your watercolor paper and tape or excerpt from a piece of masonite Board. This will prevent your paper from buckling or curling. Council of the Commission at an angle of 15%. Using a clear pigments (as real garance Rose), mix a "wash" your paint and clear water. Mix twice that you think that you need so you don't miss it at halfway through the process!

Load an inch two flat bush with your washing. Starting in the upper corner of your document and paint directly on the whole of the skylight. This leaves a horizontal "Pearl" of painting at the bottom of the box, you have just covered. Just retrieve this Pearl that you repeat the process of painting on one side to another. Do not go back and forth in a previously painted area. This will ruin your frosting. When you have finished your genuine Rose Madder article, "pick up" the Pearl of colour at the bottom with thirsty paper towel. Now that this dry completely.

Then, repeat this process Cobalt Blue, remembering mix twice the amount of washing, you will need. Starting at the top of your paper paint the varnish on the real garance Rose. When you have finished, collect the cord at the bottom of the document again, and let that dry. For this exercise only use us two colors, but if you want to practice with three or more, sure yellow Aureolin is used first, because it does not work well in darker colors.

Once dry, you can see brightness authentic ufoot Rose by Cobalt Blue. No other way but Watercolour offers so magnificent, luminous.

Sue Doucette author / artist.


I paint watercolors for twenty-five years and I am pleased to share with you what I learned. Many artists want to keep their secret "tricks of the trade", fearing that and you will be better to paint them. My hope is that you will love the watercolor painting as much as I do! Visit my website http://www.CapeCodWatercolor.com / and check my monthly Hints for painters. Do not hesitate to contact me with your questions, you may have.

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