Vanity and Arts

You know when someone is happy within, she is blooming. Whatever that really means we can just tell that there is a glow in her skin, there is a positive change in her aura, or simply put she is beautiful when compared before. Being previously ugly is not insinuated here, anyway. But she is just like an art retouched or better yet an affordable art that recently has appraised its price.

Vanity is seasonal. And a person who is vain is a person who is happy within. This only connotes of love for herself. Hypocrisy aside, a person not loving oneself is depressed. Love of self is different from selfishness as how vanity as a sin quoting the Bible is different from vanity every girl loves to be accused of. It simply means, she is happy to wake up in the morning looking at oneself and being cautious of how much water she has drunk which is good enough for the day to flush out toxins from her body. It is health, wellness, neatness, hygiene, and beauty. Then what could be wrong of being vain when this is much better than waking up one day and the least thing you want to see is your reflection in the morning which for you is extremely unsightly. No matter how other things may seem okay, this only denotes one thing. And that is depression. Beauty is an art. When one looks dull, then you can tell that there is no art in her life because a simple song or poetry or a relaxing wall painting can make the heart grow ponder already and appreciating not a single art form is a life on the verge of ending because there is no appreciation anymore of the pleasures around us.

Vanity for woman can be about art she puts on her body like some accessories or by trendy clothes that will make her look stylish. But the best vanity of all is an affordable art that every woman can have. It is health and wellness. This is being fit with glowing skin, knowing what hair style and what clothes suit you, and realizing that overdressing and over styling can overshadow your own self. A woman needs to carry her dress, her style, and her art and not the other way around.

The bottomline of this is a woman who is loving herself is happy. A woman who is not interested to look at herself in the mirror is not happy at all but may appear as disguised by achievement, power, money, and worst the happiness of someone.

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