The Right Resources For Writers And Artists

Resources: Now that you have your artist supplies and you've prepared your space, you'll need resources, there's inspirational resources and then there's exercising resources.

Collect Inspiring Resources. This may mean doing some research online, find some artist's or writer's blogs you like, bookmark their pages, print out some of their pictures or excerpts as inspiration. Buy a few books on some artists you like and keep them on your table. Also, read some biographies of famous authors, gather books on poetry, fiction, non-fiction, whatever genre you are interested in.

What books have you read that are on your top ten leaving you in awe and saying "I want to be a writer." What artists make your jaw drop? Find these books and keep them nearby. These references for writers and artists are there when you need some encouragement, some ideas, to be in awe of art or inspiring prose. These resources are there to turn to for ideas and role model examples.

If you don't want to buy some books, there are libraries (remember them?). Go to the library, rent three to five books a month to use as references and help. There are all different categories: minimalism, impressionism, realism. There are different mediums: painting, mixed media, photography, sculpture. There are all different genres: mystery, fiction, non-fiction, romance, informational, children's. Explore, see what you naturally feel inclined to try out.

Impressionism: 50 Paintings You Should Know
Fifty Photographers You Should Know
Art: A World History
1001 Painting You Must See Before You Die
501 Great Artists: A Comprehensive Guide to the Giants of the Art World

Born to Write: The Remarkable Lives of Six Famous Authors
R.I.P.: Here Lie the Last Words, Morbid Musings, Epitaphs & Fond Farewells of the Famous and Not-So-Famous
The Cather in the Rye
The Gift: Poems by Hafiz

Collect Exercising Resources. In addition to these type of references, you need books as references for the writing process you will now be embarking on. I hope that these books will be guides to help you get started and move past blocks that keep you stuck. They are extremely helpful, some have already helped me immensely and others are on my order list to receive soon. These are only a few examples to start out with, no doubt I will be suggesting more in the future:

First on the list is "The Artist's Way" for both writers, artists, and anyone who wants to involve creativity more in their life. A lot of what I write on this site stems from this book. It has helped me immensely, in the beginning I thought it was going to be an art exercise book, but what I found out is that it dives much deeper in trying to clear out our past and open ourselves up to our creativity. It is a great place to start that I highly recommend:
The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

Another book that I found very helpful, with lots of writing exercises to find out what your zest in life is:
Follow Your Bliss by Hal Zina Bennett

Here are two more books that have been highly recommended to me and that will be referenced in the future:
If You Want To Write: A Book about Art, Independence and Spirit by Brenda Ueland

Becoming A Writer by Dorothea Brande

Now you know the philosophy of the creation equation, you have your materials, you have your creative space, and finally you have resources and materials to start the creative process. These are all the steps to "How To Start." Next, you can start referencing the "Arting" and "Writing" pages. Good luck! It has only begun, it will be a roller coaster, and you will get through it with patience, effort, passion, compassion, encouragement and lots and lots of hours of applied creating!

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