Oil Painting Lessons - Tips for Learning to Oil Paint

1. Drawing is one of the keys to a great painting. As a beginning oil painter you will want to hone your skills in learning to draw. This will ultimately take your paintings to a newer level as your drawing skills improve. So, carry a sketchbook with you and when you have a few minutes of time take it out and begin to sketch what you see around you. Not only will you drawing skills improve, but you will gain a better sense of composition and some great ideas on future paintings. Remember, your drawings do not have to be perfect and with each project your skills become better and better.

2. Great paintings take work - sometimes art is hard and we all have the desire to give up on a painting or drawing because it's just not working. But, given perseverance and a willingness to give more time and effort often results in a much better painting as well as teaching you self-discipline.

3. Rejection - ouch, it always hurts but learn to accept it with a grain of salt. Everyone has their own ideas on what makes a good painting, but choose to have confidence in your abilities and know that with each project you will continue to strengthen your skill.

4. Being unique - as a beginning painter it is true that often in the learning process you are copying other artists works, but don't be afraid to take what you are learning and apply that to your own creations, it takes time for your own unique style to develop, so feel free to experiment.

5. Learn to question - there are always multiple ways to any technique and any composition, learn to question what you are seeing, what you want your viewers to see, this help you to achieve your uniqueness.

6. Procrastination - enemy number one, be disciplined enough to paint on a regular basis whether you are 'in the mood' or not. After all, if we waited to get in the mood, no painting would ever be finished.

7. Keep learning - the more you know the more depth and creativity in your paintings, always keep learning whether it is branching out into different subjects or mediums, always keep learning.

8. Don't be afraid to share with other artists - one of the best times you'll have is painting with like painters, don't be afraid to offer advice or accept constructive criticism from your fellow artists.

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