Wassily Kandinsky

World renowned artist Wassily Kandinsky is known as the creator of abstract art. Born in 1866 in Moscow, Kandinsky not only had a love for art, but he loved music as well. His love of music was inspired by his parents who both played the piano. He moved from Moscow to Odessa when he was five years old. He would continue to study music and art throughout the years. However, when he attended the University in Moscow he decided to study law. Studying law was something his parents encouraged him to do and he was very successful in the field of study.

After studying law for six years, Wassily Kandinsky would go on to become a law professor. He would also marry his cousin Anna Chimyakina, who he would eventually divorce in 1903. Kandinsky taught law, but his true passion was art. He gave up his law career to pursue his interest in art. One of the main inspirations for his career change was Monet. It was Monet's painting "Haystacks" that helped to influence Kandinsky's abstract artwork. Kandinsky found the abstract nature of Monet's painting to be very perplexing. It not only perplexed Kandinsky, but it also inspired his abstract paintings.

After Wassily Kandinsky divorced Anna Chimyakina, he toured Europe for several years with his new love interest, Gabriela Munter. It was during this time period that Kandinsky really started to explore the world of art in more depth. Kandinsky rarely included people in his paintings. A majority of his paintings were landscapes, especially during the period that he toured Europe. His love of music was one of the main driving forces behind his paintings, along with his spirituality. Kandinsky also had a love for vivid colors, which can been seen in his paintings.

In 1906, Wassily Kandinsky was residing in Paris with Gabriela Munter. After he parted ways with Munter, Kandinsky would move to Bavaria. In Bavaria he was able to focus on art and using color in his paintings. It was an emotional time for Kandinsky and his emotions are reflected in his paintings after he moved to Bavaria. Kandinsky's artwork was showcased throughout Europe and caused controversy among art critics. Kandinsky did not let the controversy stop him from creating works of art. He was also inspired to write a number books throughout his life, including his book "Concerning the Spiritual in Art." The book helped to define the meaning of abstract art.

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