The Art of Painting

Have you ever wondered what it takes? To create a work of art? Is it artistic genius, talent? Or can it be taught? Some people like to believe that it can, but let's be honest: a real work of art can only spring from the artist herself. Painting is just another form of art, but the talent it requires is unfathomable. From the moment an artist carefully picks up their brush to that last stroke of color... that is what creates that unique piece... that is what art is all about: creation. Anyone can copy a drawing, attempt a painting but only the artiste can pull it off. Only she can bring her thoughts and her emotions together to form a whole. Whether it is decorative abstract art, original landscape paintings or original flower paintings, these are just labels but they are still paintings and works of art. Artists aren't made, they are born. Paintings are a piece of their soul and their history laid out on canvas... they tell a story and are shared with the world. Any work of art needs to be appreciated for what it truly is: a unique masterpiece.

And then we come to the second part of the process: selling the art. For centuries, artists starved themselves to death before receiving a good enough price for their art. They were looked up to for their talent, but they barely survived from day to day. Portraits were the kind of paintings that were recognized for their valor; the rest seemed to be merely tossed aside. The beauty of many artists' works was recognized merely after their death: it is a sad, but true fact. As time passed, art progressed. It started creating form, imagination was unleashed. Art stopped being about conformity and started expanding the limits of one's imagination. Modern artists came along such as Picasso, Matisse and Derain. They lived like true artists but recently more people are discovering such new beginnings in the field of art. Middle class citizens that want to provide for their family. A painter or an artist from humble beginnings whose art is still not widely recognized is emerging day by day. Their talent is obvious but is still in the starting stages of it being formed. Creating the art becomes like a second nature to them, they are so absorbed in the process of creating. It is all very difficult, from making the art to selling to shipping it and to making profit. It's as stressful as any other job. In today's times, art has become something that can be easily bought and created, real artists are few but true talent can still be found.

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