Dark Arts and Pictures

Darkness is a subject and it is an element present in almost everything. It is most commonly said that everything has a dark side to it. Same concept applies to the field of art and literature.

Dark images, paintings and pictures are created by human imagination of the dark side. Pictures depicting blood, murder, killing, drugs, and rape show the dark side of human nature. It shows the extent of evil that a human mind can think and a human body can perform. And it makes us relate to human nature more closely.

Images that depict isolation, loneliness also reflect darkness. More often we see paintings of a dark hill or scenery containing a dark tower on a winding hill and our mind wanders to the realms of darkness. Sometimes even a single picture or portrait may reflect darkness depending upon the viewer's perception. Pictures of demons, wolves, vampires, bats, black cats, witches, deserted houses and graveyards are based completely on the artist's imagination. What makes up this imagination? All these elements are related to dark stories, urban legends and myths that we hear in our childhood. His imagination could also be an outcome of his suffering

The beauty of dark art is that it makes you sink into deeper imagination of objects associated with darkness. When I see a dark picture or a mysterious painting, my mind wanders to the scary moments from my childhood and I get goosebumps just to think about it. For many years I lived in a house that was right next to a graveyard and all the windows opened up to the graveyard. It didn't bother me in the day but at night I dreaded going near the window. So now whenever I see the image of a graveyard those haunting memories come back to me. Similarly, images from a dark movie remain imprinted in our minds and whenever we see a dark portrait or a dark picture we immediately associate it with something or the other from a horror movie we had seen earlier. And human curiosity makes us dig in deeper into the picture until we start seeing the picture through our imagination. You must have come across a picture or two in which you were able to see things that were not actually there; that's the power of imagination which a dark picture bring out in us.

If you are a dark lover then you can imagine what most people may not be able to do so in a simple dark picture. Dark lovers love to imagine themselves in a dark moment, a dark incident and that is exactly what they do when they see a piece of dark art. Gothic art is also an example of dark art whereby darkness is reflected in extremism, negativity and self-destruction; it shows the dark powers of human soul.

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