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Edgar Degas was a stylish artist who sits somewhere between realism and impressionism but it was probably his choice of content as much as his style which helped to make him so popular. This article looks in the reasons for why Edgar Degas paintings are so popular currently, with reproductions of the best to be found right across the world in the homes of his biggest fans. It seems that in choosing a method which combined realism and impressionism the artist was able to really connect well with the mainstream who also approved of his content which was typically ballerinas in a whole manner of environments and different positions.

Degas found a real aesthetic quality in the ballet dancers who adorned so many of his paintings and there were interesting technical attributes which made them very suitable to his style. Firstly, their unusual positions provided a challenge to his accuracy as a portrait artist and there was also a gentle look to these feminine women which was ideal for his chosen artistic style.

As a sign of Degas' ambition, the artist also took on horses in another long series of paintings which show his strong motivation to push his anatomical skills as far as possible and to try to achieve the highest level of accuracy possible. The likes of British artist George Stubbs have shown the additional study needed in order to achieve results with animals and so it was no small undertaking for Degas to take this series of work on.

Edgar Degas paintings remain as highly respected and loved by both academics and art fans today as they have been and his style still feels relatively contemporary considering the length of time which has passed since his career came to an end many years ago.

We recommend that you take advantage of the resources online which cover Degas paintings in huge detail and will offer endless opportunities to learn more about this highly inspirational French artist whose work was beautiful and technically also very impressive. Besides this artist, there are also many related painters who you will most likely also enjoy to be found in the impressionist art movement which dominates art history of around the mid to late 19th centuries as so much exceptional art was created during this period by a whole selection of different artists whose style also seems suited to modern, contemporary tastes across the world.

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