The voices in my head.

As an artist your voice your style of painting, many budding artists are still experimenting to find their own special voice, for some, it takes years of practice, because it's almost immediately. I recently read an article on the research of artistic voice. Most of what was if you want to achieve greatness and renowned artist then must try to find your own, original voice that will make your work so distinctive that you blow away the competition derived.

On the surface, this is sense, of course, that you should not slavishly emulate the style of a particular artist, how could it be your voice if your work is inseparable from the artist that you inspired? As it is that I started to have my doubts, ideas, such as police work to any suspicion to be influenced for example to other artists. Yet again, it seemed logical but as I thought more about it, I realized that a course frustrating that could be. In my opinion, that the question is whether we control to define what is our voice, can we force to adopt or reject specific styles or elements of our art we? Also is to achieve a completely original style at all costs the only way for rise of the derived quagmire that is the majority of contemporary art?

I believe that in the former, the answer is no, you are what you are as an artist if you forces yourself to work in a manner that is deliberately contrary something that nobody else did then you are not finding your voice, you're him refusing. Your voice is inherent to you and will complete this voice in the best possible.

.. .and it? Well... that just might be true, but it is then worth? On the conclusion, remember your voice, lot of art came to you so what is the likelihood that you can find this original style without end to things like stripping of cows, stacking cans of soup or dragging your bed in the gallery. You can achieve success and fame you want but who are your voice? I doubt it.

Deliberately and mechanically copying a style is clearly dishonest and it'll show you, but also to turn your back on your instinctive to be original at any price inclination is dishonest. Keep practicing, allow your creativity free rein, be true to yourself and your art become so that it must be. We do not all the famous artists, but we can be honest with our art.

Copy, do not imitate, just let you go, persevere and your art shines.

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