What is a painting knife?

A painting knife is a knife blunt with a flexible steel blade. The knife edges are not sharp that therefore even called a "knife" his work is not cut, but to paint. Between the handle and the blade there is often a large crank designed in the shape of the steel of the knife just below the handle part. This area of crank is designed to keep the hand of the artist off the coast of the surface of the painting, allowing free space in which to work.

These types of knives come in many different styles, shapes and sizes with a wood or rubber handle. Each form of the blade is designed for flexibility. One of the most common forms of a painting knife is the "trowel" form, which is an excellent form for use with modelling pastes, gels and mortars. Other triangular forms are best used for drawings in the paint or objects.

However, the most common use of a knife of painting is just to paint with a knife in instead of using a brush. Painting of knives can be an excellent tool to generate a rich on the canvas as texture for the artist is located in the large areas of color on the surface of support.

Nobody really knows when or how these types of knives came into use, but the terminology of a painting from a palette knife knife is often used interchangeably. The palette knife, however, is more right than the painting knife and is most often used to paint on the palette, mixing as well as scraping the paint off the coast of the palette. It is not as deep or large a crank as the painting knife, because it is not used to paint on the surface of the canvas or support. You will remember the painting knife crank allows enough space between the painting and the hand of the artist support to allow the artist to paint without the hand on the canvas. It is crucial to be able to apply oils, acrylic or any other media without interference from your hand in the way.

Many popular artists have painted full size of the paintings with only a painting knife, although several different styles and sizes of knives are used to do this, a brush is not used throughout the process. Other artists will use the knife to paint to create different effects and textures in the painting itself, while using the brush in other areas. Fundamentally, the use of the brush or knife depends on the style of the artist and the effect they seek to create within the painting.

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