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Over the last decade, Fantasy Art has gained popularity in parallel with cinema and music of the fantasy genre. This kind of art predates science fiction art in the digital media, although the genres are often interchangeably used to describe the works of the other. Contemporary fantasy art has its origins in the work of authors such as J.R.R. Tolkien, William Morris, Robert E. Howard Lewis Carroll and C.S. Lewis. It combines themes from Biblical themes, Jewish demonology, Egyptian, Roman and Greek mythology, Vampirism, Satanism, Wicca, and fairy tales. The growth of this kind of art has closely followed the development of fantasy literature and today, is a lucrative field for thousands of visual artists.

Almost all art, of this kind, is characterized by otherworldly beings and locations with physical and magical properties that exaggerate or defy the rules and aesthetic limitations of the world we live in. High fantasy, low fantasy, and 'Sword & Sorcery' are the most popular sub-genres of fantasy that have pioneered the visual aspect of fantasy art. The first decade of the twenty-first century has seen the adaptation of several works of classic fantasy literature.

Just like modern art and realistic art that are usually displayed in galleries, fantasy art is also housed in galleries. These galleries can either be brick galleries or click galleries. Brick galleries are your usual brick and mortar physical galleries whereas click galleries are virtual galleries hosted on World Wide Web.

The concept of virtual galleries came into being to make the art available to every fan of the genre. Now visiting online art galleries is not the privilege of a selected few but any ordinary individual can praise the beauty of art. Moreover, online art galleries are also a great platform for novices and amateurs to bring their product in the market. Several prominent artists such as Boris Valejo, Gerald Brom and Luis Royo have online galleries where a visitor may view their work.

Many fantasy artists, instead of joining some other online gallery, create their own. This not only personalizes the gallery but also maximizes their profit. Before making any purchase from a fantasy art online gallery, be cautious enough to check for the authenticity. Always read the reviews of previous buyers and look for referrals, do not trust any site blindly. Truly genuine sites sometimes even display the copyright certificate. A safe option is to trust the reputed and well-know sites. Once the authenticity of a fantasy art online gallery is verified, you can enjoy your shopping experience.

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