Paul Klee's Contemporary Paintings

Swiss art played an important role in the rise of contemporary art thanks to the paintings of its influential and innovative painter, Paul Klee. This article looks deeply into the career of this brilliant creative worker who was passionate and hard working as he went about affecting the course of early 20th century art. Few artists during his time could have expected contemporary to be quite as popular as it is today and it showed a great strength of character that people like Klee plus those close to him would persevere with their work at the bleeding edge of the art world, with no guarantee of success and public acceptance for their efforts.

The most important time of Paul Klee's career was whilst he was involved in the Bauhaus Movement, where theories of art were studied and researched, both by the students and the teachers alike. It was at the Bauhaus that Paul Klee met several key fellow members and they all exchanged ideas with each other, whilst remaining happy to learn and discuss new ideas, confident that what they had come up with so far on an individual basis could continue to be developed through new ideas from other people.

Although Paul Klee's paintings stretch across several different art movements they are all very much a part of the overall contemporary art movement which began to gain momentum around the early part of the 20th century and it was here that initially poorly organised pockets of artists began to join up together and start to produce art which fitted into clear sub-styles which enabled them to be taken more seriously and show that there was an overall movement forming which was tangible and was worth watching over coming years to see how it would develop.

There is a huge interest in contemporary art today and many occasional art fans will be entirely unaware that the contributions of a Swiss painter were to play such an important role some 70 years ago, where all of this was really at an infant stage and needed to start to build boundaries to help people understand just what exactly was involved with contemporary art and what exactly it's artists stood for and were motivated by. Please take the time to learn more about Paul Klee and those most related to him with in contemporary art as there are some truly impressive artists from this period, leading up to the 1940s.

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