How to Find an Artist to Paint a Family Portrait

Portrait painting makes a great gift for a special family occasion such as anniversary, graduation, birthday, wedding or Christmas. What makes a portrait an extraordinary gift? Why is this gift so special? Maybe because it is personal, it shows that the person giving the gift really cares about us. Everyone likes to receive gifts that have been made especially for them. And portrait fits perfectly.

So, you decided to commission a portrait. Where do you start looking for a portrait artist to create a portrait for you? You will have to spend some time finding the best artist for the job.

First, don't forget to ask your friends and relatives. They may have commissioned a portrait before. The best thing about your friends and relatives is that they are not trying to sell you anything. They will honestly share their opinions and experiences. They may be able to give you some advice and refer you to a portrait artist they already know. Some of your friends may even be artists themselves. Just remember that not all artists actually can draw or paint people, you need to find a professional artist specializing in portraiture. Portrait artist has the unique ability to capture likeness and character of a person.

Many artists today have their own websites. You can view the examples of their work, read artist statements, biographies and find some other useful information. You can also get a pricing information, although some artists don't put it on the website, so you will have to contact the artist via e-mail or directly through the site. Many artists have their individual art blogs, so that they can connect with other artists and share their ideas. Artists like to show their works-in-progress on their blogs. Which is a great opportunity for you to find out more about them. It is always a good sign when artists share their artistic processes openly. That shows that artists care about their work and actively try to improve their skills. It is also a sign of being open minded, and being open minded is a prerequisite for being creative.

Another way of finding a portrait artist is to visit an online portrait artists directory. There are websites featuring regional, national and international portrait artists. You can browse artists' portfolios and select artists whose style you like the most. Often directories include the pricing information as well, it allows you to compare various artists by price and helps you to stay within your budget. Any good directory will also provide links to artists' websites, so that you can contact them for more information and request a quote.

One of those portrait artists directories is Portraity. You can find great portrait artists and find creative family portrait ideas there.

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